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Community Events

Let's talk trading, markets and share a cup of joe!

Bellingham Stock Trading and Investing Forum

Our weekly meetings are a chance to share the highs, lows, successes and trials of our last trading week. What's new in the markets? What new trading ideas do you have? What are you focusing on now? We always welcome new traders and are excited...

Monthly Meetup - June 2018

Bellingham Virtual Reality Meetup

June 24th is the date!1:30PM-3:30PMThe weather outside has been wonderful, which is why taking a break to discuss AR/VR is a splendid idea. How are the AR/VR projects going? Let's discuss.What's new? AR is growing. Our Vive is always available...

BPDSM - where like-minded folks meet to get much-needed support and connection.

Bellingham Positive-Divorce Support Meetup

This group is $20/session or $30 for 2, so bring a friend! The main focus of this group is to give you the support you need. Going through a domestic-partnership breakup of any kind can be so lonely and isolating. It’s vital to find and connect...

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