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Don’t Buy That House!

July 15th, 2015 by Jeff Duncan

When you fall in love with a house, it’s a lot like falling in love with a person- It’s almost impossible to see any flaws! When most everything seems perfect, it’s easy to be in denial about the possibility that there may be problems. Down the road, when the initial infatuation wears off, the negative […]

Community Events

Crones Circle

Whatcom Crones Circle

Whatcom Crones Circle is a part of The Crones Counsel, celebrating 25 years, is a national organization enriching the lives of women. Join us in celebration of personal stories and wisdom. We invite women of all ages to celebrate the stages along...

Businesswoman Power Boost

Bregdan Women of Bellingham!

Sometimes all you need to do is connect with like-minded women... POWER BOOST is for business women who simply want to make friends with other like-minded women. There are many "Networking" groups for business women in Bellingham.They are needed...

DHARMA JAMS! a high-vibrational songspace

Center for Mindful Use

EXPERIENCE THE TIMELESSNESS OF LOVE, IN REAL TIME. LEARN TO SPEAK THE LIFE GIVING LANGUAGE OF MUSIC! friends: * Do you enjoy singing, but get nervous when thinking about doing it with other people? * Do you love to sing in groups, but never know...

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